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Chinese medicine combines the use of acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, massage, exercise, meditation, and a change of lifestyle, intended to reinstate the harmonious flow of Qi.

An appointment starts with a diagnostic evaluation which will help determine the areas of disharmony. Treatment may include needling and moxibustion, as well as herbal prescriptions, nutrition adjustment, and changes in lifestyle; all intended to correct the pattern of disharmony. Treatment may be repeated weekly or bi-weekly until the desired result is achieved. Patients may also come for a periodic (e.g. monthly, bi-monthly) preventative treatment during which the practitioner makes adjustments to weak areas. Since Chinese medicine is a very subtle modality, changes may not be felt immediately. Conditions usually respond according to their history. Acute conditions will respond faster than chronic ones, though benefits to chronic conditions over a longer period of treatments are immense.


With our newly established online system, booking your appointment at Heller Acupuncture is more simple than ever before. Have a look below at all the available services at our clinic. You deserve quality healthcare in a safe and comfortable environment, so go ahead and schedule an evaluation today!



Acupuncture is a technique of inserting extremely thin needles to specific points along the body’s energy pathways. It has been used in China for thousands of years for treating various diseases and conditions. The acupuncturist evaluates the patient to discern where exactly to insert the needles. Treatment is typically painless. A slight pinch is felt as the needle is inserted but after that there will be no pain (it is nothing like getting a shot as these needles are extremely thin and hardly felt). Normal sensations during treatment may include a feeling of heat, tingling, currents or just the presence of the needle. These sensations are normal and are related to the flow of Qi in the body. Most patients report these sensations to be pleasant and a general feeling of well being.

Herbs and Remedies


Chinese herbal medicine is a complex system that involves crafting a combination of herbs to treat the specific needs of the patient. Anywhere between 12 and 20 herbs are combined, tailored to fit the patient’s specific condition. These formulas are dispensed in different forms such as pills, tinctures, powders or raw herbs that need to be cooked by the patient (cooking service is available for patients that do not wish to be bothered with the preparation process). The formulas for the herbal supplements are, much like most other aspects of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), thousands of years old and were proven effective time and again.

Fresh Produce


Diet is an integral part of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatments. We suggest adjusted diet according to the diagnosis made. TCM supports that anything we consume has an energetic value. It can be cold, hot, warm or cool, as well as having an effect on the Qi’s direction of flow. Some foods may disperse the Qi while others may direct it downward or upwards.
We realize that food choices are part of the patient’s life style and we try to best accommodate having the patient balance his/her lifestyle with the best food choices recommended for the treatment.

Pediatrician Examining Infant


Acupuncture is a great modality for addressing many pediatric ailments. Although most children can tolerate the use of needles, there are other modalities that can be used in order to stimulate the acupuncture points without needles, such as shoni shin, cutenious electro stimulation etc.

Conditions treated include but are not limited to ADD/ADHD, Autism, chronic ear infections, allergies, asthma, eczema, and many more.

We make the visit at our clinic a friendly experience for the child so most children are glad to come visit us again.

Image by Manuel Schinner


Recent studies had shown that the use of acupuncture may improve the chances of getting pregnant. Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to improve both male and female fertility. In our clinic we have been helping couples overcome their fertility challenges for many years. Acupuncture can help either by the process of following a conventional treatment, such as IVF, or when a patient prefers to try and conceive naturally. It also helps with reducing the stress typically accompanying these trying time. Though there are no guarantees for getting pregnant, we are proud of our many successful pregnancy stories.

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman


Acupuncture can provide great support during pregnancy. During pregnancy there are various limitations on taking medications that may affect the embryo, acupuncture can provide a natural solution to many of the ailments during pregnancy (pregnancy-related and not). Furthermore, nutrition consultation and support can be very beneficial for pregnancy health. Recent research had proven that nutrition during pregnancy (and the first two years of the baby’s life) determines his/her health when she/he reaches mid-life!
We also recommend periodic “maintenance” treatments to be performed during pregnancy such as “the pretty baby treatment” – call for more information.

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